New Kapruka website launched!

We designed our new website to be 100% interactive; allowing us to engage with our web visitors and clients via online comments on all our content and through this our soon-to-be regualry updated blog. Please read through our web pages and give us your comments and suggestions (compliments most welcome).


  1. Henriette Swart says:

    Kapruka organic virgin coconut oil is the answer to many things!!! I use it for everyday cooking, because of it’s high smoking point, you can fry without fear, the oil won’t turn toxic at high heat or loose it’s nutritional value. Kapruka has a mild coconut flavour, so it won’t affect your dish, just compliment it. Stunning for making popcorn!! Frying prawns with a dash of chilli, limes and ginger – amazing!! Kapruka is the cure for my son’s excema – topicaly and getting it in systemically. Since using Kapruka, I have lost two kilo’s and have reached my target weight – it speeds up your metabolism, and energizes me.

  2. Deidre Lekas says:

    I used Kapruka Virgin Coconut Oil as a preconditioner and I can highly recommend the product!!

  3. Cat says:

    Looking forward to your Blog posts and seeing your Kapruka products on shelves throughout South Africa.

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